To create a signature public greenspace for the enjoyment, prosperity, and well-being of all, now and in perpetuity.
To create a signature public greenspace for the enjoyment, prosperity, and well-being of all, now and in perpetuity.

Support from Residents!

Read some of the comments shared by Worthington residents in support of the PCPW vision.

It is time for Worthington and it’s leaders to step up and consider this proposal. This is the time to create something that will be unique and make Worthington a community that others will look up to and mimic.

— Phil Raynes

To those making the decisions that impact our community, our neighborhood, and our families – please acquire this property for the purpose of providing the multi-use greenspace as described by this petition. A high-density development threatens our schools, encourages transient living, creates a heightened need for greater public safety, and will bombard our neighborhood streets.

We do LIVE here, have supported taxes and schools for 25+ years, and want to continue to do so.

— Constance McCarthy

Open green spaces are vital to our community, it’s citizens and the environment. Allowing this space to be built up with high density development would change the character and ambiance of the area. While his proposal would enhance our community and at the some time it would provide and preserve open space for birds and other wildlife.

— Jeanette S.

I think this would be a great space for our community. It is in keeping with what Worthington stands for. Keeping the community together, walkable, social and active. It’s just perfect!

— Cindy Kington

We wholeheartedly support your vision for Worthington, and are totally in favor of the city acquiring the UMCH property for multi-use public greenspace for the BENEFIT OF THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY!!!

Chet and I have been residents of Worthington for over fifty years. It is a unique , historic city, very family centered ,,,,among many other worthy attributes. We love Worthington and cannot think of a better use of the UMCH property than your vision/mission.

— Dr. Mary and Chester Winter

This would be a wonderful addition to our community which our family would enjoy regularly. This project would continue to attract younger families, making Worthington a primary choice of destinations around Columbus to raise a family.

— Ryan McChesney

We moved to Worthington a year ago for the amenities and community atmosphere. This community park would be something that continues to encourage young families to come to the area and my two young sons would love it!

— Breanne Huss

I love this idea! Worthington NEEDS a community park like this. Coming from Denver, I miss Wash (Washington) Park being a vibrant, safe and gorgeous place to walk, bike or sit. This would be wonderful for our community to bring people together.

— Michelle Neely

Best use of space for long term positive impact on the ENTIRE community of Worthington.

— Adam Gibson

This is a great idea. A community park of this magnitude will leave a legacy for Worhington’s future.

— Eric Hoover

I support the Project Community Park Worthington because…

It is a brilliant investment for the future of our lovely city Worthington.
It is forward-thinking city design to create a people-centered neighborhood that achieves precedent-setting levels of sustainability, affordability, mobility, and economic opportunity.

— Noel Zawadi Kigaraba

We don’t have any usable parks on High street. We need an Event Venue that can be used for family fun activities, sport fields, and outdoor gardens .

Westerville’s sports park on Cleveland Ave is always full of people with restroom facilities. Let’s make our park even better proud people of WORTHINGTON.

— Sondra Schwotzer

I support the idea of green space and community recreational areas in this plot. It enhances the city, gives a walking-distance space for people to gather, allows for small homes and some businesses along the High St.

— Norma Lang

What a wonderful (and rare) opportunity to secure the UMCH property as protected space for Worthington residence and its visitors. This will, without doubt, be a legacy to the community as a whole for years to come.

— Glen Sullivan

We are excited about the community park proposal. As resident who uses High Street everyday, and many times must turn left, the idea of a 300 hundred unit apartment complex is not appealing. It’s also a good idea because Worthington doesn’t really have an area like this.

— Amie Giampouranis

Native trees and native green space are vitally important to the health and wellbeing of the residents of Worthington, including the resident wildlife. Once lost, this kind of treasure is extremely difficult to restore. We have a unique opportunity to secure this area for the long term benefit of all. It is time for new and creative approaches, and this is definitely a vision many of us dreamed of.

— Mechtelina Mitchin-Verhoef

Greenspace near high street is desperately needed. For the homes near high street the Olentangy trail is almost a mile away, not a reasonable journey for a 4-6 year old riding their bike, especially in regards to the massive hill they would need to climb on the way back. Additionally, it [UMCH] is located in close proximity to the downtown so that people from either Worthington or other nearby communities would potentially use the public space and then visit our downtown area for lunch, dinner, drinks etc.

— Ryan Beck

This would be a prize in the heart of Worthington…many generations from now will thank us.

— David Gifford

This sounds like a great proposal and is well thought out. If the plan evolves with further input, my key concern is to avoid any increase to the residential density to this central area of Worthington. Worthington currently has a great feel to it, and this community space will preserve–and greatly enhance–this central part of the city. Kudos to the group that developed this land-use option that had not been considered before.

— John Byrnes

This area is perfect to make into green space including a park, trails, etc. Adding more apartments, office buildings into such a small space will increase traffic, put extra strain on the school system and be very unpleasing to the eye. That is not a good solution for this property, a park system and green space is the perfect solution.

— Gertrude Snediker

Primarily as I see it, the strength beyond all else is the assistance to the environment that this plan offers, maintaining green space doesn’t increase the heat, offers good drainage for rain in addition to adding to the community and activities for the family. while I understand the need for the city to derive some revenue from this property I question more retail when it appears that we have many open retail spaces in the city, such as the two next to CVS and the mall has open spaces. I do hope this goes through and the city can see the value to the community and the environment.

— Karen Geizer

This is a WONDERFUL plan! Thank you for the obvious thoughtful work That has gone in to the creation of this park space. I would be happy to help promote it in any way I can!!

— Melissa Weber