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To inspire an alternative mixed-use vision for the UMCH property, for the enjoyment and well-being of all, now and in perpetuity.

Hello Members!

| PCPW Co-Chairs |

– A Joint Statement from PCPW* and WARD* –

The upcoming City Council election will most likely determine the future of the former United Methodist Children’s Home property (1033 High St). Together, with you, we have been fighting for multiple years for a resident-centered solution that sustains the current zoning and excludes HIGH DENSITY apartments. But Council is perilously close to surrendering to the demands of the developer, Lifestyle Communities (LC).

We are on a razor’s edge, which is why PCPW and WARD are teaming up this election because we share the identical vision for the former UMCH property.

As you are aware, LC has attempted to bully the City through a lawsuit. Yet, seven of ten counts have been dismissed. We are confident that, if given the chance, we will win in the Courts. The case is frivolous, yet a number of the current City Council members are on the cusp of wanting to settle with LC to permit hundreds of apartments on that beautiful property.

Of even greater concern is the number of Council CANDIDATES who are proponents of high-density apartments, and, if elected, would tip the balance on Council and would settle with LC.

As we’ve maintained since the beginning, WORTHINGTON WON’T BE WORTHINGTON ANYMORE if we allow hundreds of high-destiny apartments in the heart of our City. We don’t need a fake downtown, we already have an authentic one.

While we are all fatigued over the longevity of this current battle, we must gather the resolve to continue, particularly at this point. LC is counting on us losing interest and muscle.


Unlike those who are willing to sell our City to a tone-deaf developer, we are a determined group of residents, who represent what the majority of our fellow citizens want, according to survey after survey and hundreds of letters and statements.

What can you do?  Lend us:

  1. YOUR VOICE! … Speak up to friends, neighbors, family members – and VOTE FOR three of these four candidates who support our vision of a resident-centered development: FELICITY BECK … PETE BUCHER … MIKE DUFFEY … DOUG SMITH.
  1. YOUR FEET! … Volunteer to help distribute door hangers to our entire City.
  1. YOUR MONEY! … HELP US FINANCE the expenses of designing and printing literature.
  1. YOUR FRONT YARD! … Please contact any (or all) of the four WARD-PCPW supported campaigns for a candidate yard sign, and please display it prominently!  Yard signs may be requested as follows:

You can sign up to help by responding with your contact info to this email.

To contribute money, please donate via:

Or send a check to WARD PAC, 211 Chaucer Ct, Worthington, OH 43085.

Thank you, WARD and PCPW Members.  We’re still strong in spirit, and hope that, in this election, we can finally get the result we’ve been seeking for more than a decade.

With your steadfast help, we can Keep Worthington Worthington.



PCPW Co-Chairs and WARD Planning Group


For more information:




* Project Community Park Worthington

* Worthington Alliance for Responsible Development