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To inspire an alternative mixed-use vision for the UMCH property, for the enjoyment and well-being of all, now and in perpetuity.

Reactions to Vision Worthington

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A Review of the Visioning Committee’s Final Report, from PCPW and WARD

WARD & PCPW have worked together to offer our united support for the great work done by the Worthington Visioning Committee. Herein, we share our thoughts on how Worthington can transform these vision statements into concrete actions, which realize the goals and aspirations expressed by Worthington city residents — thoughtfully captured, analyzed, and affirmed by the Vision Worthington Committee.

To avoid any appearance of impropriety or effort to misinterpret the Visioning Report’s findings, these thoughts and perspectives were shared with and approved for distribution by the Chair of the Visioning Committee, Joe Sherman. Joe offered some thoughts to contextualize our commentary, and we are honored to include his words:

As a community, we are stuck. What is the compromise? Over the years we have heard “Let’s do something”. Based on input from you — the residents and community members — collectively we [Vision Worthington] have crafted vision statements and principles. A basic roadmap of where we begin to do something as a community, where collaboration and cooperation between residents and City Council improves. Now is the time to move from passivity to action with regard to many issues, including the UMCH property. Will you join in this transition to action?

– Joe Sherman, Chair of the Vision Worthington Committee

On the following pages you will find a series of thoughts positioned side-by-side with Vision Statements. We hope that our efforts here are seen for what they are: a way of tying together a development outcome at UMCH, including a signature “Worthington Commons”, to the vision for Worthington that our own residents have communicated through the Visioning process.

Our efforts come from a place of deep love and respect for Worthington, for what Worthington is and for what Worthington can aspire to be, and for the voices of the Worthington’s residents. We hope it is source of inspiration for many of you.

Respectfully and humbly,

The PCPW and WARD Community Groups